Phineas Mutethai

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Favour Karimi 

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moses Kairemia

Lauryne Gathoni



Mercy Angaine

SAM is happiness to me, a true definition of love and kindness. Here I found a loving and caring family. It was a light after a very dark tunnel and I not only achieved my dream but also got life skills. I can proudly say I know how to live with people and to handle a lot in life. I feel privileged to be in the SAM family.

Fatuma Dida

Save a Mind changed the trajectory of my life completely, giving me a new beginning. High school education was unaffordable and far out of sight. University was a step that I never thought I could achieve. SAM gave me the opportunity to pursue both. My education has completely changed me for the better and made all my hopes and goals attainable.  An educated person is exposed to millions of possibilities and SAM has made this idea a reality in my life. I may never be able to live perfectly however I can always try to be kind, loving and optimistic.


Timo Karmba

Save a Mind is not just a program but a family, a collective harbor of love, happiness, compassion, and anticipated ambitions. Since my involvement in this family, I have developed a sense of being, belonging, and more so, light towards a directed path to the achievement of my dreams. It is an inspiration that I always attempt to pass on to others.


Mary Nelly Gakii

SAM is both a program and a very special family to me. Before SAM, I had no hope of advancing beyond government mandated primary education. I had no hope of going beyond that, secondary education was a nightmare and university/college education was unimaginable.  I was hopeless with my single mom, considering the background and the kind of people I grew with I never thought of holding even a single certificate. SAM has enlarged my scope, given a lot of hope and more so has given me the best tools to handle the world and life in general. It has made the dreams of my youth a reality. I'm grateful because of SAM, I am a success!


Peter Kimathi

SAM is Love. SAM is home. SAM is where dreams come to reality. This program has made me believe that everything is possible. It is a family of love and understanding. You always have people to look up to, talk to and you are always guaranteed that if you have a problem or need help, they are listening and more than ready to help. I am so blessed to be a part of the SAM program. Every day, I am able study and learn things that would not be possible if it were not for this program. SAM is everything dear to me. There are no words to describe it enough!


Brenda Gilisho