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Veryl Obodi

I am an alumni of SAM Elimu and I was supported from 2014 – 2018 to pursue a Master's Degree in Natural Resources Management at Egerton University.

Following my graduation, I worked at the United Nations Environment Program and eventually relocated to Canada in 2019. I am currently living in Toronto city and working for the YWCA Toronto. This dream could never have been achieved without the help and support from SAM Elimu. I will forever be greatly indebted to the foundation.

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Douglas Kinyua

I was supported by SAM Elimu to study a Bachelor’s of Science Economics from the year 2015-2019. Through the support I received I have managed to work for both private and public sectors. I began my journey at Lewa Education Program in the bursaries docket as a volunteer then moved to Villgro Africa ,an investment company in the health sector as a finance and accounts assistant and currently  am a research assistant in the Ministry of Planning ,national development and Vision 2030.

I am forever indebted to the support and look forward to continue supporting the younger siblings through the Alumni forum.

mercy mwendwa.jpeg

Mercy Mwendwa Mbaabu

I have been a SAM Elimu beneficiary from January 2008 to April 2021. I pursued a bachelor of science in civil engineering at Jkuat. Sam has enabled me to achieve many goals in my life. Due to my humble background,I can attest than if it wasn't for SAM support I couldn't reach this far.I have been able to pursue a 4 year secondary education,3 years diploma in civil engineering and 4 year bachelor's through SAM support.I believe am equipped enough to achieve my dreams, vision and mission in life and to impact lives. The engagement and encouragement by the SAM Elimu friends and supporters always encouraged me to go for my dreams- I appreciate them all.


Grace Gakii Gatobu

I was supported by SAM Elimu from 2012-2021from high school through university. I pursued a Bachelor of science in Civil Engineering from the Technical University of Mombasa and currently, I am working in Nanyuki Water and Sewerage Company.


SAM Elimu has enabled me to realize my full potential, allowing me to grow and accomplish so much academically and in general life matters. It has been blessed with lots of exposure to experiences and conversations that have shaped and continue shaping my life.


Robert Mwongera

I was supported by SAM Elimu from 2005 when I joined high school through university. I Pursued a Bachelor of Science Electronic & Computer Engineering in Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and graduated in November of 2016.

I am currently an Electronic & Software Engineer specializing in Software, Automation & Systems Integration.

SAM enabled me to fulfill my longtime dream of becoming a Computer Engineer. They say dreams are valid, but mine was validated and constantly nurtured by the immense support and guidance that was accorded to me by the wonderful team in SAM.


In the course of dispensing my duties, I’ve had opportunities to interact with great industry leaders in both the private and public sector thanks to SAM’s strong foundation. This has inspired me in different fronts, impacted on my perspective about life, dreams, achievements and future goals.

I’ll forever be indebted to this great course and purpose to put a smile(s) on someone’s face whenever an opportunity presents itself. Long live SAM Elimu


Epiphany Muriuki

My name is Epiphany Muriuki, a beneficiary of SAM ELIMU.

I was sponsored throughout my university education where I pursued a BSC in Computer Science at Egerton University.

I have since graduated and managed to secure a job with Microsoft as a Software test Engineer.

My dream of becoming the change I desired was realized through SAM Elimu.

SAM Elimu also transformed me as an individual and reinforced my sense of purpose in work and education.

Today I continue to carry the values impacted through SAM in my career and personal life.

I’m greatly honored to be a board member of SAM ELIMU where I get to give back to my younger brothers and sisters getting in the program.

seletian kitonga_edited.jpeg

Seletian Kitonga

I joined SAM in the year 2015.I was supported  throughout my university  education level and I graduated in the year 2019  with a Bachelor’s degree in Business management. Currently, I am privileged to be  serving  SAM as a program officer.


SAM  has been a divine blessing. My dreams are a reality ,because I have this inimitable family. I am a proud SAM alumni looking forward to mentoring and coaching more students to be better citizens.

Martin Munyao.jpeg

Martin Munyao

Sam has supported my education since 2011 to 2016 where I studied Bachelor of Science in Statistics at Laikipia University.  I also studied Certified Securities and Investment Analysis within the same period.


My education was made easier by the fact that SAM kept a continuous communication strategy that helped me realize what I have to do and what is required of me. Through SAM I have met with great entrepreneurs and  business managers who have overtime shaped my thinking regarding business and life in general. I believe in sharing and giving to the society through charity and being a productive individual to the society all the time.


Purity Kajuju

I am a graduate at the University of Kabianga where I pursued  a Bachelor of science in Horticulture. Throughout my tertiary  education journey I have been under SAM Elimu Foundation , I joined the program in 2016 up to 2021. My tertiary education journey was very smooth both financially, socially and emotionally. This was all because of SAM Elimu Support. At SAM Elimu, I always felt Inspired.


The foundation saved me from being a very useless village girl due to lack of education and now I am one of the most useful educated  girls in my village and a good example to many.  This was made possible by its wholehearted  support.

Martin Muriuki.jpeg

Martin Muriuki

Sam is not only a family, but a place where dreams and visions are brought into reality. I joined SAM after class 8 in the year 2008 where High School was not only unaffordable but a nightmare. SAM created a stimulating and supportive environment for my learning and development. Through SAM I never lacked and thanks to everyone for their great support.

I had never thought of joining college as it was too expensive for me. Thanks to SAM, with their overwhelming support I was able to pursue a Degree in Computer science where I graduated in 2016 and immediately joined a conservation Organization as an intern and went up the ranks to as technical manager overseeing the entire Organization ICT infrastructure.


Kennedy Kyalo

At some point in life, we all need a helping hand. Well, this can be in several ways. SAM came through for me when I was in dire need of both educational and financial assistance. I had just completed high school the previous year (2011) and was set to begin tertiary education.


I grew up in a children's home and the available funds were inadequate to cater for the other kids' basic needs.For the four years (2012-2016) I was at Egerton University, Njoro, SAM made my learning so smooth. I never had to worry about my fee and meals for the entire period I was there. I pursued Applied Community Development Studies and undertook a CPA accounting course part-time.

For Peter's unconditional assistance, I always do my best to "Pay it Forward' as he regularly advises us. Thank you, SAM. I will forever be grateful.


Caroline Karambu

I joined the program back in 2016 and have been in support for four years. When I joined the program I had no hope to go beyond secondary education and this was all a nightmare to me. I joined university through SAM ELIMU program and pursued a degree in food processing and dietetic; the program has funded me fully to completion of this degree.

Am glad I joined this family ,SAM means the world to me as its gave me hope , brought light to a dark tunnel  and made my smile broader. My life has evolved from nothing to something . The program has shaped me into an empowered young lady with a degree, entrepreneurial and leadership skills, have been equipped with a vision for a new world . It has helped me to enlarge my scope and more so given me the best tool to handle the world and life in general, my dream has become a reality. Education is the best gift you can give and absolutely. Dr. Peter Linneman unconditionally gave this gift to me. I AM A SUCCESS BECAUSE OF SAM.

Benjamin mugo.jpeg

Benjamin Mugo

I joined SAM Elimu in 2008. SAM took me through secondary education and the university where I got a degree in Tourism management.Besides that I was able to pursue my passion in photography and film fulltime. SAM Elimu has given life skills which have enabled me to navigate my school life and business world. Currently i am working with SAM Elimu on part time basis  on their communication strategy. 


Asante sana SAM Elimu.