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Transforming Lives Through Education

A Message From Dr. Peter Linneman

The SAM Elimu program supports the education and lives of children in poverty with high academic potential in rural Kenya. Kathy and I began this effort in 2002 with four children; today SAM supports all aspects of the lives and education of over 140 children, including dozens of orphans.

We support primary school children who are  orphans and vulnerable children in the society by enrolling them in quality boarding primary schools. Our high school children are in the National and County schools and we work with them to be the best they can be. The  post-high school students are enrolled in Kenya’s leading universities and technical institutions depending on their grades and abilities. To date, over 100 of our students have successfully graduated university, including several who have earned master’s degrees.

SAM Elimu provides a full scholarship that pays the tuition of our students , provides stationery, pocket money, uniform, and transport to and from home for the high school children. For the tertiary SAM Elimu also provided computers , upkeep and accommodation.


More importantly, we  provide much needed ongoing psycho social support, business literacy and above all love.


SAM Elimu supports roughly equal numbers of boys and girls. And the fate of our amazing orphans absent SAM Elimu's support is too cruel to contemplate, especially for our young ladies.


our mission

To provide access to quality education to deserving children in a timely, fair and amicable manner to provide well- rounded and empowered citizens.


An educated, empowered and productive individual with a commitment to a lifetime of learning, productivity and service to humanity.

core values

  • Productivity

  • Integrity

  • Accountability

  • Inclusivity

  • Empathy 

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Sam elimu commits to:

  • Inspire bright students to strive to achieve their goals through access to education and mentoring.

  • Unlock talents and potential of our students through mentoring.

  • Improve individual employability and business skills through coaching and life skills attainment.

  • Assist committed students’ dreams become a reality.

  • Equip graduates to be independent and responsible with their lives.

NOTE: SAM Elimu Charity recognizes and upholds the dignity and rights of all children supported through our program. We are committed to ensuring their safety and wellbeing and work in partnership with parents/guardians and sponsors to do this.

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